Why Cocoa Life?

Without cocoa, there is no chocolate.
Without farmers, there is no cocoa.

Cocoa farmers and their communities face several complex challenges, including:

Productivity: limited knowledge of farming techniques, limited access to planting materials, pests and disease
Environmental: climate change, aging trees, unfertile soil
Social: limited access to education, gender inequality, fewer leadership roles for women
Financial: poverty, lack of access to finance

Cocoa Life is changing this.


Cocoa Life is a holistic, third-party verified cocoa sustainability program. It is grounded in strengthening cocoa communities and inspiring the next generation of cocoa farmers. The Cocoa Life approach helps these communities address the dynamic and complex challenges they face—all of which are interrelated and demand a holistic approach to solve.

Mondelēz International’s ultimate goal: To source all cocoa sustainably, mainly through Cocoa Life.

"Cocoa Life is on a long-term journey to create a vibrant, strong cocoa supply chain while transforming the lives and livelihoods of farmers and their communities. We believe that empowered, thriving cocoa communities are the essential foundation for sustainable cocoa."

Cathy Pieters, Program Director, Cocoa Life

Our Ambition
  • To Empower Cocoa Farmers

    Sharing knowledge and skills results in improved productivity, protection of fertile land and a better future for our cocoa communities.

  • To Nurture Thriving and Independent Cocoa Communities

    Helping women and men secure new sources of income and work together to transform their communities leads to sustainable livelihoods.

  • To Work at Significant Scale

    Partnering with farmer organizations, governments, suppliers and NGOs to implement our interventions across key cocoa-growing origins is critical to create impact at scale.

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Our holistic approach


We believe our ambitions will only be met and made sustainable by keeping a truly holistic view of the challenges we face. Our program requires these five focus areas above to flourish, as well as three cross-cutting themes: women's empowerment, child labor and climate change.

Every action we take, every progress we make and every impact we gain will be measured and regarded within this framework as a whole.

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We Believe

Integrity and accountability are as important as sun and water.
A sustainable cocoa supply begins with thriving farmers.
Partnership is the key to lasting change.
Efficient farming practices lead to financial security.
The work of children is education and play.
Gender equality benefits everyone.
Conserving the land is a promise to future generations.

Together we grow: Cocoa Life


Mondelēz International is making the commitment to responsible cocoa even more clear through its chocolate brands. When you see the Cocoa Life logo on your favorite chocolate, you’ll know it was made with sustainably sourced cocoa.

We are proud of how far we’ve come to help these communities thrive and Mondelēz International’s chocolate is a testament to this work. We are determined to do more and bring you closer to the cocoa farming communities where your chocolate comes from.

  • Cadbury
  • Côte d'Or
  • Freia
  • Marabou
  • Milka
  • Suchard
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