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  • Cocoa Life reached
    cocoa farmers
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    of Mondelez' cocoa was sourced sustainably

By the end of 2016, Cocoa Life programs reached 92,000 cocoa farmers in over 861 communities.By the year 2022, Cocoa Life aims to reach 200,000 farmers and 1 million community members.

Cocoa Life around the globe

Cocoa Life is active across six major cocoa-growing origins: Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, India and Brazil. All are within the narrow band where cocoa trees can thrive: 20 degrees north and south of the equator.

In these countries, 90% of world's cocoa is produced on small farms, less than 2 hectares each. In 2015, 58% of cocoa production came from Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

Cocoa Life On The Map

From a global perspective to a local view: our Interactive Cocoa Farm map shows our worldwide scale as well as the individual farmers and their communities that are participating in Cocoa Life. It's a step towards transparency in our supply chain.

Note: Not all farmers participating in Cocoa Life are mapped yet; in some areas there are more farmers participating than are displayed.

Marker meanings

  • cocoa life presence

    Cocoa Life presence

  • cocoa farms

    Cocoa farms

  • demonstration plot

    Demonstration plot

  • nursery



2.076 farmers participating
6 Cocoa Life team members
112 Cocoa Life Communities
Active in country since 2012
Zoom in to find out moreWe are working on mapping the farms in this origin.

Ashanti Region

2.076 farmers participating
6 hectares of farmland
112 Cocoa Life Communities


2.076 farmers participating
6 hectares of farmland


Location: 6
6 hectares of farmland
Year farmer joined: 1970

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