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Ghanaian cocoa farmers shown UK chocolate factory

Cocoa Life farmers from Ghana are invited to visit Bournville, home to Cadbury, and witness the transformation of their cocoa into chocolate. - 12/04/17

Chatham house
Private Sector Engagement and Women’s Economic Empowerment: Lessons Learned

Linda Scott, from Oxford University Said Business School, presents her report and encourages the industry to share their practice in advancing women empowerment in the supply chain. Mondelēz International was among 9 other companies who participated to the Global Business Coalition for Women’s Economic Empowerment discussion. - 11/30/17

The Presidency Republic of Ghana
Cocoa Farmers Must Earn More From Their Toil

Mary Barnard, Europe Chocolate Category President of Mondelēz International, Cathy Pieters, Cocoa Life Director, and other members of the Cocoa Life team in Ghana met with President Akufo-Addo of Ghana to discuss the current situation of cocoa farmers in Ghana, and the expansion of the Cocoa Life program in the country. - 10/30/17

Confectionary news
Fairtrade and Cocoa Life to build climate change program in Ghana

Cocoa Life and Fairtrade build their partnership, by putting forward their first program to tackle climate change and deforestation in Ghana. This articles highlights the importance of such partnerships in the cocoa industry, especially in regards to climate resilience. - 08/24/17

Food Engineering
Mondelēz’s sustainable cocoa sourcing program combats deforestation

Cathy Pieters, Director of Cocoa Life, is interviewed by Food Engineering on the aims and vision for the program. She shares insights on the importance of building a sustainable cocoa farming and sourcing strategy, and the importance of climate resilience. - 07/25/17

Greener chocolate: Why building a more resilient cocoa industry is crucial for Cadbury

Cocoa Life is featured as an explanatory example on sustainable chocolate production in Ghana, while using the iconic brand Cadbury as a case study. This article explains the reasons behind the program’s forth coming as a response to the current challenges in cocoa production, and gives insight into the investments and plans for its future. - 05/31/17

Sunday ET
India: bittersweet chocolate

This article highlights the main challenges for cocoa growth and production, leading India to currently import a big part of it from other producing countries. Experts argue that, by putting strategies into place and giving farmers opportunity and access to the right information and practices, it would increase their income and allow India to rely more on its local cocoa corps. - 05/21/17

The Huffington Post
Chocolate Giants In New Bid To Save The Rainforests

A new initiative has been launched to save tropical rainforests from further clearance and degradation as a result of cocoa production. Twelve of the world’s largest cocoa and chocolate companies, that have been working together in a process started by The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit, the World Cocoa Foundation and IDH, have agreed to adopt a declaration committing them to action to halt deforestation and forest degradation. - 03/14/17

Algemeen Dagblad
Noodklok klinkt in chocoladewereld

Artikel van Annemike van Dongen over de crisis in de cacaoteelt en interview met Cathy Pieters. Als de straatarme cacaoboeren in Afrika het niet snel beter krijgen, kan volgens haar de chocoladereep naar het museum en zijn we ons favoriete snoepgoed kwijt. - 02/25/17

Women’s Empowerment

This article emphasizes the great value of women in economy, especially on smaller enterprises. The text summarizes Mondelēz efforts towards a sustainable transformation of the cocoa sector as well as the strategy regarding women's empowerment in the cocoa production, from the gender action plans to the results of the latest CARE study. - 02/01/17

Graphic Online
Female cocoa farmer groups receive support to improve yields in Ghana

177 cocoa-growing communities have received motorized pruners, sprayers and training to empower women in cocoa farming. Harvesting and pruning are the two most burdensome activities in the cultivation of cocoa. From now on these women will be able to perform those activities by themselves increasing the yield from their farms. - 01/12/17

Graphic Online
Cocoa Life Ghana distributes cocoa farming calendar to promote good agricultural practices

25.000 cocoa farmers in Ghana received another edition of the special cocoa farming calendar which includes information to guide cocoa farmers to produce cocoa sustainable. The calendar, distributed each year, has specific information aimed at educating cocoa farmers on recommended farming activities to be undertaken each month. Adopting these practices will help them to improve yields and enhance their livelihoods. - 12/21/16

The Guardian
Child labour is part of most of what we buy today: what can we do?

Article by Annie Kelly on the Guardian Sustainable business hub on how child labor is still present in many of the world’s largest global commodities, from gold, coffee, tobacco and bananas to sugarcane, cotton and rubber. - 11/24/16

Food Business News
Empowering women; a path to larger cocoa crops

Article by Laura Lloyd about Cocoa Life’s strategy towards building success in improving women's roles and status in cocoa production in Ivory Coast and Ghana. The article highlights actions undertaken by Cocoa Life to improve gender equality among cocoa farmers in Ghana including training women working on cocoa farms, increasing their access to farm inputs, land ownership and membership to farmer groups. - 12/12/16

Huffington Post
$400Million Cocoa Investment Aims To Tackle Poverty And Empower Farmers

Fairtrade will now partner with Cocoa Life in an expansion of its $400 million sustainability programme across Cadbury brands meaning that by 2019 five times as much Cadbury chocolate in the UK and Ireland will be made with sustainably sourced cocoa. - 11/22/16

Confectionery News
‘Next stage of evolution’: Mondelēz teams with Fairtrade to expand Cocoa Life to Cadbury brand

Mondelēz International has partnered with Fairtrade to grow the chocolate maker’s own program Cocoa Life to cover all Cadbury products in the UK & Ireland. - 11/17/16

Lebensmittel Zeitung
Fitness für Farmer

Artikel von Christiane Düthmann über Cocoa Life, den Zielen zur Nachhaltigkeit und die Fortschritte, die bereits mit Cocoa Life erreicht wurden und wie dies gemessen wird. - 08/26/16

The Hindu
Mondelez India helps expand cocoa footprint

Article by A.D Rangarajan on how cocoa, once considered an alien crop, has now expanded its footprint in south India where Cocoa Life is implementing its program. - 10/06/16

Lebensmittel Zeitung
Fitness für Farmer

Artikel von Christiane Düthmann über Cocoa Life, den Zielen zur Nachhaltigkeit und die Fortschritte, die bereits mit Cocoa Life erreicht wurden und wie dies gemessen wird. - 08/26/16

Business Fights Poverty
Empower A Woman And A Whole Community Will Thrive

Article by Cathy Pieters, Director of Cocoa Life. To increase the income of cocoa farming families women should receive equal access to land, finance, training and inputs. - 08/11/16

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