Cocoa Life - Sharing Our Approach And Goals

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Cocoa Life - Sharing Our Approach And Goals

- 07/22/13

Today, we are publishing our Cocoa Life Guidance Document and our Cocoa Life Key Performance Indicators, which have been developed with the Cocoa Life Advisory Council.


  • The Cocoa Life Guidance Document summarizes detailed internal guidance for our program teams. We are publishing it to help build understanding of Cocoa Life and to contribute to our ongoing cocoa conversation with others interested in the sector.

  • The Key Performance Indicators measure, evaluate and report on the five key areas defining thriving communities: Farming, Community, Livelihoods, Youth and Environment.

Verification is an essential part of the Cocoa Approach as it confirms that we are doing what we say. Verified data will be used to steer the Cocoa Life program and will enable the Cocoa Life core team to make decisions on where to focus the program to achieve the greatest impact.

Mil Niepold Senior Mediator at Consensus Building Institute, explains more about the Verification process for Cocoa Life.