New Partnerships Extend Cocoa Life’s Reach In Indonesia

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New Partnerships Extend Cocoa Life’s Reach In Indonesia

By Andi Sitti Asmayanti, Director of Cocoa Life for Southeast Asia - 08/30/16

Working with local partners Swisscontact and Cargill, Cocoa Life is expanding in Indonesia. The program's key goals include: developing sustainable livelihoods in cocoa-farming communities and promoting women’s empowerment and youth participation. Ultimately, Cocoa Life aims to inspire a new generation of cocoa farmers to see potential in the cocoa sector. With the successful completion of the first phase of these partnerships, Andi Sitti Asmayanti, Director of Cocoa Life for Southeast Asia, explains what’s been accomplished and what comes next:

Cocoa Life is focused on farmers. It is expanding in Indonesia, since the country is a key cocoa sourcing region. Together with Swisscontact, an agency funded by the Swiss state to promote economic, social, and environmental development, Wahana Visi Indonesia and Cargill we have embarked on a three-year program to reach 6,000 farmers and at least 16,000 community members in Southeast Sulawesi. In the first phase, we facilitated the development of Community Action Plans (CAPs) and formed Community Development Committees consisting of representatives of all relevant groups in the community, including youth and women. Next, the committees will implement the CAPs, which feed into village plans, helping communities receive regional government funding and support.

We also provide training to increase communities’ awareness on social issues such as promoting women’s empowerment and preventing child labor. This training assists farmers in taking local action.

We believe that positive change comes from farmers and community members getting together to build plans that are based on their needs and are focused on the long term. This creates ownership and empowerment in shaping the future of cocoa. Working with our partners and the Indonesian government, we’re helping cocoa-farming families create the kind of communities they want to live in, and inspiring the next generation.

Read more about Cocoa Life commitment in Indonesia in the joint press release clicking the publication below.