Cocoa Life’s interactive cocoa farm map

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Now live: Cocoa Life’s interactive cocoa farm map

By Yaa Peprah Agyeman Amekudzi, Program Manager for Cocoa Life in Ghana - 12/04/16

Do you wonder where chocolate comes from? With our new Interactive Cocoa Farm Map, now appearing on the Cocoa Life website, anyone can see with a click of a button where our Cocoa Life farmers are located. We have live data from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Indonesia. For our customers and our stakeholders to have easy access to relevant information about Cocoa Life is what’s most exciting to me. The data includes the number of farmers, farm sizes and locations.



In working with the farmers to build this tool, they were very enthusiastic. Before we embarked on this project, many of them did not know the actual size of their farms. This critical information will help them make important decisions. “All should note that, if I have knowledge, I will manage what I have in order to grow my business,” says John Yaw Baidoo, a cocoa farmer in the Wassa East District of Ghana. “All farmers should understand that knowledge is power.”

This map is another example of our commitment to transparency.

"The overall visibility of our farmers is a direct benefit to each and every farmer,” says Stuart McDonald, the global monitoring and evaluation project manager for Cocoa Life, who spearheaded the creation of the Interactive Cocoa Farm Map. “For the first time, we are able to be totally transparent in the locations of our farms. It’s exciting because you get a real sense of scale from looking at these maps."