Growing Opportunities Through Education

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Growing Opportunities Through Education

Cocoa Life is celebrating 10 years of lifting up cocoa communities and shaping the landscapes where cocoa grows. 10 years of working on-the-ground with partners, and the women & men who grow cocoa to help everyone benefit from the bean that becomes the chocolate we love. 10 years of innovating and taking what works to scale so we can move cocoa forward together. To celebrate this milestone, we have launched a series of stories featuring our partners that demonstrates our progress and impact to date.

Cocoa Life’s approach to help address the risk of child labor in the global cocoa supply chain focuses on prevention, monitoring, and remediation; with a heavy emphasis on addressing the systemic root causes of child labor, including improving household incomes and access to quality education. At Cocoa Life, we know cocoa communities can only have a thriving future if the rights of children within them are protected, which is why through education, we are empowering the next generation to advocate to their own development and thrive. To learn more about how we have been moving cocoa forward together over the past ten years, you can find the full series here.

"Cocoa Life has been a champion for early childhood development and education since the beginning of our partnership. Their leadership has nudged many others towards more holistic company sustainability strategies."

Irina Hotz, Co-Lead Learning Societies, Jacobs Foundation