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More Progress

Cocoa Life - A Cocoa Farmer’s Visit to the Chocolate Factory

By Ohene Boafo, cocoa farmer and president of the Atta-Ne-Atta Cooperative Society and West Akyem Cooperative Union in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Cocoa Life - From Norway to Ghana: A Joy Ambassador’s Journey

Since 2013, the Mondelēz International Foundation’s Joy Ambassador program sends employees to serve and learn in cocoa-farming communities which are part of ...

Cocoa Life - Mondelēz International Employees Learn and Serve in Cocoa Farming Communities in Ghana

14 'Joy Ambassadors' from 10 countries participate in signature skills-exchange program focused on business immersion, leadership development and volunteerism

Cocoa Life - Cocoa Life Empowers Cocoa Farmers and Communities in Indonesia

At Mondelēz International, we believe thriving cocoa communities are the essential foundation for sustainable cocoa.

Cocoa Life - Indonesia Outcome Assessment: A First Look At Our Impact

At Mondelēz International, we believe thriving cocoa communities are the essential foundation for sustainable cocoa.

Cocoa Life - Cocoa Life Progress Report 2016

Cocoa Life is our long-term journey to create a vibrant cocoa supply chain while transforming the lives and livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities.

Cocoa Life - Greener chocolate: Why building a more resilient cocoa industry is crucial for Cadbury

Cocoa Life is featured as an explanatory example on sustainable chocolate production in Ghana, while using the iconic brand Cadbury as a case study.

Cocoa Life - Farmers Gain Business Skills in Indonesia

Cocoa farming isn’t only about agriculture. Every stop along the supply chain is its own business. In Indonesia, Cocoa Life has partnered with IFC, a member of the World...

Cocoa Life - Cocoa Life Factsheet

Cocoa Life is a holistic, third party verified cocoa sustainability program. Discover all the facts in this updated document which sums up in 4 pages all the key Cocoa Life...

Cocoa Life - Joy Ambassador Reflects on Journey to Cocoa Communities

The Mondelēz International Foundation’s Joy Ambassador program invites employees to serve and learn in cocoa-farming communities which are part of the Cocoa Life program in...

Cocoa Life - New Partner Ipsos Provides Third-Party Verification

To learn what works — or doesn’t — an outside perspective is important. That’s the role Ipsos plays as Cocoa Life’s new partner. As an independent research agency...

Cocoa Life - One-on-One Farmer Coaching Program in Côte d’Ivoire Leads to Increased Yields

As a longtime cocoa and chocolate supplier for Mondelēz International, Barry Callebaut sources beans directly from cooperatives and farmers in countries including ...

Cocoa Life - CocoaAction Annual report 2015: Stablishing our routes, preparing to grow

New CocoaAction report Highlights the efforts through an industry-wide strategy for a rejuvenated and economically viable cocoa sector.

Cocoa Life - New Report Shows Results of Industry-Wide Collaboration in Cocoa

On a recent trip to Africa, I was riding on a bus that got stuck in the mud. Everyone got out to help.

Cocoa Life - Partnerships Inspire Changes In The Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, cocoa farming continues to play an important role. The country is the ninth-largest producer of cocoa. Yet there are challenges. The farmers...

Cocoa Life - Mondelēz International Expands Cocoa Life In Indonesia

Partnering with Swisscontact, Cargill and Wahana Visi Indonesia to develop sustainable livelihoods for cocoa-farming communities in Southeast Sulawesi

Cocoa Life - New Partnerships Extend Cocoa Life’s Reach In Indonesia

Working with local partners Swisscontact and Cargill, Cocoa Life is expanding in Indonesia. The program's key goals include: developing sustainable livelihoods in ...

Cocoa Life - Lebensmittel Zeitung Fitness Für Farmer

Artikel von Christiane Düthmann über Cocoa Life, den Zielen zur Nachhaltigkeit und die Fortschritte, die bereits mit Cocoa Life erreicht wurden und wie dies...

Cocoa Life - The Call for Well-being 2015 Progress Report

Cocoa Life is part of the Mondelez Call For Well-being. Read more on how we are protecting the Well-Being of our planet in our 2015 progress report.

Cocoa Life - Now Live: Interactive Cocoa Farmer Map

If you wonder where the cocoa of your chocolate has been produced, check out the interactive cocoa farmer map!

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