More progress
More Progress

Cocoa Life - 2019 Snacking made right report

New report by Mondelēz International highlights Cocoa Life’s 2019 progress towards achieving 2025 goals

Cocoa Life - COVID-19: How we are protecting those at the heart of our program

The COVID-19 pandemic is an incredibly serious health challenge that puts some of the world’s most vulnerable people at risk – a group that includes the cocoa farmers registered in our Cocoa Life program and their communities. The health and wellbeing of these communities, our employees, and our partners is our utmost priority at Mondelēz International and Cocoa Life, as we seek to provide an uninterrupted supply of sustainably sourced cocoa for our brands.

Cocoa Life - Investing in quality education for all children in the cocoa sector of Côte d'Ivoire

At Cocoa Life, we have a vision to make cocoa right. We know cocoa communities can only have a thriving future if the rights of children within them are protected, which is why we believe that the work of children is education and play. We are proud to share that, alongside the Ivorian government and industry peers and suppliers, Cocoa Life is investing in early childhood development and access to quality education in Côte d’Ivoire – one of our key cocoa growing countries – through two initiatives led by the Jacobs Foundation: CLEF & ELAN.

Cocoa Life - Two years on: our progress in protecting and restoring forests

Last year we announced our ambitious action plans to protect and restore forests of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana as part of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative (CFI). We even went beyond to include an action plan for our third largest origin country, Indonesia. Today, we’re proud to report the significant progress we have been making since 2018 against our 2022 targets.

Cocoa Life - Five Years of Cocoa Life Empowering Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia

As we come to the end of 2019, we’re proud to be celebrating the first five years of Cocoa Life in Indonesia. We have worked hard to ensure that cocoa, the essential ingredient of chocolate, is made right – by promoting sustainable cocoa farming business, empowering communities to take on their own development and protecting the forests where cocoa grows

Cocoa Life - Lessons on impact: Empowering women for more sustainable cocoa communities

Women’s empowerment is high on the global agenda at the moment, and about time too.

Cocoa Life - Lessons on impact

At Cocoa Life we have been working closely with Ipsos, our research partner, to refine how we measure and evaluate the impact of the program in our cocoa origin countries.

Cocoa Life - Lessons on impact: Applying experimental and quasi-experimental methods in cocoa sustainability program evaluations

Working out whether or not your sustainability program is having the impact you intend is more complex than you might think. There’s heated debate around how to do it best, much of it pointing out that designing a perfect measurement methodology in theory is a lot more straightforward than applying it in practice. With this paper, we add the Cocoa Life perspective to the debate.

Cocoa Life - A major milestone to accelerate our journey

The Cocoa Life Annual Report 2018 highlights the journey so far and outlines the way forward for the Cocoa Life cocoa sustainability program.

Cocoa Life - Action plans to protect and restore forests, with farmers at the heart

Protecting and restoring forests with farmers at the heart

Cocoa Life - Celebrating 10 years of Cocoa Life in Ghana

This year marks 10 years since we started working on making cocoa sustainable in Ghana…

Cocoa Life - Growing sustainable cocoa in the heart of the Amazon

We are expanding the Cocoa Life program to empower at least 500 cocoa farmers and 1000 families in the north region of Brazil...

Cocoa Life - Pioneering forest protection work in Cote D’Ivoire

At Cocoa Life, combatting deforestation is a key priority built into our program. Our forests support the production of our cocoa.

Cocoa Life - Growing opportunities for women within cocoa communities

We are passionate about empowering women within Cocoa Life’s communities. This is because we care about these women and because it makes good ...

Cocoa Life - Every Day Against Child Labor - Our interventions in Ghana

Today is World Day Against Child Labor-an important awareness day to ensure more people understand what child labor is, as well as how and where it's happening.

Cocoa Life - A transformative partnership for education in Côte d'Ivoire

At Cocoa Life, we believe education is a key component to a sustainable cocoa supply chain; increasing cocoa farmers' knowledge and capacity leads to improved farming practices, productivity and cost effectiveness. Children are our future-and education is critical to helping them thrive.

Cocoa Life - Five Years of Cocoa Life: 2017 Progress Report

Cocoa Life is our long-term journey to create a vibrant cocoa supply chain while transforming the lives and livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities.

Cocoa Life - Future of Cocoa in Indonesia: A study of climate change

One of the biggest threats to the future of our cocoa is climate change. That's because without the right climate and adaptation to climate change, farmers can't grow as much cocoa. And without cocoa, we won't have our favorite chocolate bars.

Cocoa Life - Collaborating Across Sectors To Protect Ghana Forests

To secure the future of cocoa (and our chocolate), we need to protect our forests.

Cocoa Life - A Cocoa Farmer’s Visit to the Chocolate Factory

By Ohene Boafo, cocoa farmer and president of the Atta-Ne-Atta Cooperative Society and West Akyem Cooperative Union in the Eastern Region of Ghana.