Through Cocoa Life, we are transforming our cocoa supply chain.

Launched in 2012, Cocoa Life is investing $400 million USD by 2022 to empower at least 200,000 cocoa farmers and reach one million community members. This effort builds on the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership, which was founded in Ghana in 2008. It's all part of our commitment to ensure a sustainable future for chocolate.

Cocoa Life helps communities thrive in six key cocoa-growing origins―Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, India, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. We are helping them gain knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods, strengthen their communities and inspire the next generation of cocoa farmers.

Cocoa Life: Global Program Introduction
Our Core Principles

Cocoa Life believes thriving cocoa farming communities are essential for sustainable cocoa. At our foundation are three core principles.

  • Holistic and Farmer-Centric
    Listening to farmers and their communities allows us to design interventions that lift people out of poverty and establish cocoa communities as desirable places to live.

  • Committed to Partnerships
    Joining together with farmer organizations, governments, NGOs, supply chain partners and communities leads to real solutions and measurable transformations. We know we can't do it alone.

  • Aligned with our Sourcing
    Striving to ensure lasting, positive change, we hold ourselves and all partners along our cocoa supply chain accountable. By sourcing Cocoa Life beans from farmer organizations, Cocoa Life farmers become active members of the supply chain.


A promising future for all is built on Cocoa Life's five focus areas.

Transforming Farming
Facilitating the adoption of improved agricultural practices
Providing access to improved planting materials, crop protection and financial services

Transforming Community
Empowering communities to lead their own development, with the help of the Community Action Plan

Transforming Youth
Encouraging quality education
Making cocoa farming a more attractive profession for young people

Transforming Livelihoods
Improving access to financial services
Promoting entrepreneurship and additional income

Transforming Environment
Maintaining cocoa ecosystems
Protecting the landscape


Cocoa Life has embedded child labor, women’s empowerment and climate change as cross-cutting themes to support each of the five focus areas.

  • We help protect children from child labor in cocoa-growing communities by addressing its root causes.

  • We invest in women by providing farmer training, improving financial literacy and resilience, and empowering them to earn income and be active community leaders and members.

  • We combat climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and addressing deforestation in our cocoa supply chain.

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