We believe partnerships are key to lasting change. Cocoa Life is built on partnerships with governments, nongovernment organizations, supply chain partners, cocoa farming organizations, and farming communities.


In addition, we are proud to be members of these industry platforms:

international cocoa initiative

Established in 2002, the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) is the leading organization promoting child protection in cocoa-growing communities. ICI works with the cocoa industry, civil society, and national governments in cocoa-producing countries to ensure a better future for children and contribute to the elimination of child labor.

world cocoa foundation

Founded in 2000, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is an international membership organization representing more than 100 member companies across the cocoa value chain. WCF is committed to creating a sustainable cocoa economy by putting farmers first — promoting agricultural and environmental stewardship and strengthening development in cocoa-growing communities.

The WCF's CocoaAction strategy, launched in May 2014, brings the world's leading cocoa and chocolate companies together to work with governments, NGOs, and key stakeholders to identify and more quickly act on issues in cocoa sustainability.


External advisors are leaders from prominent environmental, policy, and humanitarian organizations whose expertise and outside perspective help us develop the Cocoa Life strategy and program. They challenge and expand Cocoa Life's goals and policies, and hold us accountable along the way as we continue to improve our program and work toward creating a sustainable, community-based supply.

Find out more about our advisors’ visits in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

what our advisors say

"Mondelēz is to be congratulated for recognizing the key role natural resource conservation plays to ensure sustainable livelihoods and the need for active community participation to protect local natural resources. This effort is completely aligned with our mission at Conservation International: to empower societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature and our global biodiversity. Landscape restoration is clearly going to be a vital element in confronting climate change and our hope is that others will follow their lead."

Senior Advisor, Strategy, Conservation International


"I believe Cocoa Life is a globally important and innovative program to promote and scale up sustainable cocoa. I value the opportunity to be part of shaping the program and the policies of Mondelēz International to help in making its supply chain sustainable, environmentally friendly and that farm support practices are institutionalized within government structures and policies."

Lead Natural Resource Economist and Global Head, United Nations Development Programme’s Green Commodities Program


"I am involved in Cocoa Life because it provides an opportunity to work with Mondelēz International on the hugely complex but vital problem of eradicating child labor and child slavery in the business's supply chain."

Human Rights Expert


"I am happy to be an external advisor to Mondelēz International's Cocoa Life program. I think Mondelēz International has an important opportunity to pioneer innovative solutions to human rights and environmental challenges in their supply chain. In my work with global multi-nationals, governments and civil society across many sectors, I have seen first-hand the value of directly engaging communities, in shaping the programs that have the potential to improve their lives."

Mediation Expert, The Mara Partners


"As a small-scale tea farmer and having grown up as a child of a small-scale tea farmer, I deeply understand and appreciate the real challenges that confront small scale farmers. Cocoa Life has brought great transformation to communities around the cocoa growing countries. Cocoa life is undoubtedly a great path-finder within the cocoa sector. As I have recently joined the external advisors council, I look forward to share my experiences and to learn from the cocoa life team as we continue the pursuit of the Cocoa Life vision for sustainable development."

Regional Manager Africa, Ethical Tea Partnership