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Cocoa Life - Two years on: our progress in protecting and restoring forests

Last year we announced our ambitious action plans to protect and restore forests of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana as part of the Cocoa and Forests Initiative (CFI). We even went beyond to include an action plan for our third largest origin country, Indonesia. Today, we’re proud to report the significant progress we have been making since 2018 against our 2022 targets.


Cocoa Life - Five Years of Cocoa Life Empowering Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia

As we come to the end of 2019, we’re proud to be celebrating the first five years of Cocoa Life in Indonesia. We have worked hard to ensure that cocoa, the essential ingredient of chocolate, is made right – by promoting sustainable cocoa farming business, empowering communities to take on their own development and protecting the forests where cocoa grows


Cocoa Life - Lessons on impact: Empowering women for more sustainable cocoa communities

Women’s empowerment is high on the global agenda at the moment, and about time too.


Cocoa Life - A story on women’s empowerment in Dominican Republic

In the Indonesian province of Lampung, many cocoa-growing communities are vulnerable to natural disasters, such as flooding. To address this issue, Cocoa Life partnered...


Cocoa Life - Child Labor

Cocoa Life's holistic, community-based approach works to tackle the root causes of child labor in cocoa communities by improving farmer livelihoods, empowering women and promoting education.


Cocoa Life - Women's Empowerment

Women play a vital role in cocoa farming, but often go unrecognized. Investing in women and empowering them strengthens the impact we have in Cocoa Life communities